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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Rêves de Moutons and the Petite Suites?
    Rêves de Moutons (Sheep Dreams) is the name of our farm. We named it after the dream we had of owning land and a small sheep farm to make farmstead sheep and goat milk cheeses. We also intend it to be a reference to a farm where sheep dream of living where we provide a healthy loving environment. In fact all of our sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and our alpaca have names and are treated individually. We are not an industrial farm and take great pride in providing a healthy caring environment for all of our animals. The Petite Suites is the name we have given to our campers that we offer for our guests to stay in. They are Riverside Retro RV campers and are designed to have a very retro look and feel inside and out, while completely fitted with modern conveniences; stove, microwave, plush queen sized beds and a complete bathroom in each camper.
  • I have children that would love to spend time on your farm, can we bring them?"
    While we love children, our farm is designed as an escape for adults only. We encourage you to bring your childlike wonder and interact with the animals, but do not allow families traveling with children.
  • I would love to stay at your farm, but would like to bring my own tent or camper, can I do that?"
    We currently have three fully furnished retro style campers with water, electric, heating and air conditioning. We don't have available space for tents, or utilities for additional campers at this time.
  • I have a group of people that would like book all three campers, can we do that?"
    Yes! We designed the Petite Suites for groups and love hosting groups traveling together. The maximum occupancy for all three campers is 9 guests, but the campers are best suited for couples in each camper. We have created a group listing on the booking page with a discounted rate for all three campers. We look forward to hosting your group!
  • Can Uber pick us up and drop us off at the campers?
    Certainly! Uber as well as most wine drivers come to our location. We are only 10 miles from town, but might feel a bit further than that! There's also WineUber in Paso if you're looking for someone to drive you around for the day while you enjoy tastings at multiple wineries. Ask us for more information if you'd like to book a tour driver for your stay.
  • Can I bring my dog (pet?) Woof!
    As much as we love all animals, we cannot accept pets. We have a working dog, livestock and chickens and even the best behaved dog may find those things irresistable. If you are on an extended trip with your pet and would absolutely love to stay with us, there is an amazing dog resort just down the road called Canterbury Tails and you can leave your pup with them overnight and still take them with you when you go out winetasting or exploring. (This is where Mathilde and Garçon stay when we have to board them and we can't say enough good things about the people there!)
  • How many people does each camper accomodate?
    The camper sleeps two comfortably, but we may make exceptions for a third adult as there is an additional space that can be made up where the dining room table is. Please contact us directly to inquire about availability.
  • Can I have friends and guests visit that are not staying?
    Rêves sur Roues is an intimate space intended only for guests staying with us. In order to be considerate of our other guests please do not invite anyone to visit without prior approval from Evan and Kristy.
  • Are meals included in our reservation fee?
    We provide fresh eggs and will make sure you have eggs throughout your visit with us. The kitchen is fully equipped with a stovetop and microwave and you are welcome to cook whatever you enjoy. We do offer breakfast baskets of seasonal fruits, cheese and pastries as a daily addition to your stay with advanced notice. Please inquire to what is available and the additional fee.
  • How do we check in?
    When you arrive, you will park at the campers as soon as you enter the property. There will be a welcome board on your reserved camper and you can get all settled in. We will come down after you get settled in to greet you and to make sure your familiar with your camper and the accommodations. Check-in is between 3pm - 9pm. Please contact us if you need special check in accomodations.
  • Is there wifi and TV in the campers?
    We encourage our guests to unplug and enjoy the beautiful surroundings so we have not included TVs or run internet to Rêves sur Roues. If you need wifi, you can come up to the main house.
  • Can I cook in the camper?
    Absolutely! The campers are equipped with a stovetop, microwave and refrigerator. Pots, pans, and all kitchen essentials are also stocked in each camper as well.
  • Are toiletries provided
    You bet! Shampoo, conditioner, showergel, towels and a hair dryer are stocked in each camper.
  • How much farm work do I have to do while staying on the farm?
    That's entirely up to you! You're on vacation; you're welcome to just relax and do your own thing, or join the daily farm tours after morning chores are completed to get an introduction to #farmlife and our wonderful animals.
  • I've never stayed on a farm before, what should I expect?"
    The campers overlook the pasture so you can expect to see our sheep & goats grazing in the spring through summertime. You may hear the chickens and roosters in the distance when they come out of the coop in the morning. At night, expect to hear the classic hoot of Great Horned Owls, and coyotes yipping and lots and lots of stars!
  • What's the bathroom situation?
    The campers are fully equipped with electric and running water. You have your own bathroom with toilet, shower, sink and all the essential toiletries.
  • When is the best time to visit the Rêves?
    Summertime is beautiful, but it can be HOT! The campers do have heating and air conditioning so are comfortable year round, but we do like spring time the best. The days are warm, the nights are cool to enjoy the outside fire, the pasture is green and there are lambs and goat kids to boot!
  • When do you have lambs and kids?
    We breed our sheep to start lambing in January to early February so there is grass for them to graze by the time they are weaned from their mothers. Goats are bred to kid in early May. If you happen to be visiting during these times, you may even get to witness a birth, or in the case of bottle babies, help with daily feeding if you choose!
  • I still have more questions!
    Feel free to give us a call, or drop us an email. We'd love to chat with you about your plans and any questions we haven't thought to answer here!
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