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The Rainy Season

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Paso Robles Sheep Farm Stay
Spring Lambs in Paso Robles

On one of the rare sunny days in recent memory, Kristy and I took some time to sip champagne and snuggle our latest additions to the flock.

Lamb and Champagne in Paso Robles
Paso Robles Farm Stay Owner Kristy with Lamb

Paso Robles is truly an amazing place to live, we have such a range in weather from sub freezing overnight temperatures in the winter to 110+ degree days in the summer. We often go more than five months without a drop of rain and then when it does rain, I feel I understand why cultures celebrate monsoon season.

This year, however, the rain has come and come and come, and although in the grand scheme it is desperately needed, we have been inundated by the rain to the point that everything is buried beneath a layer of mud. The pens are muddy, the sheep and goats are muddy and dirty and I'm worrying about hoof rot. A dreaded disease which was the thing I most worried about when we first started raising sheep and goats.

So after many days of rain we had a brief break on one Saturday when we had no guests checking into the bed and breakfast which gave us the opportunity to enjoy everything that we have.

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