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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Leading up to Christmas this year we had days and days of rain stacked up, so I worked to get the new barn feed bunks and cattle gates installed so that the animals could stay safe and dry.

The sheep don’t really mind the rain and cold, but the goats don’t have the heavy wool and lanolin to protect them from the elements and our flock has outgrown the little lean-to shelters that were here when we bought the farm.

Now that the rains have gone and the ground is drying up, I’m working hard to get the old fencing down and new pens set up so that they can once again stretch their legs and start eating some of the new grass that is starting to grow here. I’ll keep them off the pasture for now, but there’s a lot of yummy native grasses and weeds that they can enjoy around the farm in the meantime.

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