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Our Cheese Gets A Closeup

We recently took the time to make a photoshoot of our cheeses from this spring and we're so happy with the results!

Paso Robles Farmstead Creamery
Charcuterie Plate with Rêves de Moutons Cheese

A bit of background: Evan and I were out tasting wine at Clavo Cellars in Tempelton and got to talking with the tasting room attendant. After chatting with her it turned out she is, in addition to pouring wines at a local winery, also the professor for a design and marketing class at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo. She asked if we would be interested in helping her students on their end of year project, and suggested we take some images of our cheeses. We were more than happy to do a Fromage shoot and be part of the project!

sheep milk cheese, farmstead creamery, paso robles
Brie-style sheep milk cheese

One of my and Evan's favorite style cheeses is Brie. That creamy, gooey buttery goodness is delightful with fruit forward white wines or anything bubbly, but also pairs nicely with lighter reds like Pinot Noir or a beautiful Paso Robles Grenache. We've created our take on one of our favorites. We call her ”Brebis Blanc" which translates to White Sheep; that lovely cheese laying beneath a layer of powdery rind just waiting to be awakened on your palette as you bite into it. OH! And don't forget the baguette!

"Basque-ing in the Sun" is a great semi-firm cheese that is soft and light when it's fresh, and as it ages it gains a lovely nutty flavor. Aged two months, six months and a year we produce three distinctly different flavor and texture profiles as the cheese ages. Evan makes a sheep milk version and a goat milk version. The sheep milk cheese is sweeter and nuttier, while the goat milk cheese has a brighter grassy flavor profile. Both are devine!

"Valen-C'est la Vie" is our ash-coated goat milk cheese. It's a soft cheese that gets gooey by the ash line, and if you like funky cheeses, when this one ages it's got A LOT of flavor!

We hope to have our Paso Robles, CA creamery licensed and open by Spring of 2021, so stay connected for updates on our progress. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily farm shenanigans.

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